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The mother of 6ix9ine’s child, Sara Molina, has doubled-down on her claims that the rainbow-haired rapper’s antics are putting their daughter, Saraiyah’s life in jeopardy.

As HotNewHipHop points out, Molina took to her Instagram story on Feb. 24, and revealed that someone threatened to “slap 6ix9ine’s daughter on Live,” which obviously prompted a strong reaction from the rapper’s ex. 

“This is disgusting that these grown men think by making threats to my child their hurting this pussy n***a,” Molina wrote on her IG Story. “Smack his dumb ass bitch that lets him go all over the internet disrespecting ya , he dont care for my daughter . Leave me daughter out of grown men / street beef . My daughter is innocent all this . Smack that n***a and whatever else ya want to do to him but leave my child out of it . He dont take care of my child , he doesn’t protect my child , nor does he fucking love her.”

In a second post on her Story, Molina implied that 6ix9ine’s reckless behavior could get him killed. “This bitch ass wig wearing boy would let ya get hyped up over him , disrespect anyone who would or has disrespected him but wouldn’t defend or protect his kid from threats that grown men are making towards his innocent 5 yr old daughter all because he has a death wish and wants to antagonize whoever feeds into his bullshit,” she added.

Earlier this week, Molina expressed her concerns about her daughter’s safety to TMZ, which 6ix9ine shut down through his lawyer, Lance Lazzaro. He told the outlet that what Molina was saying is “BS” and that the rapper is trolling other artists for a “reason.” He also said 6ix9ine is in control and is “sharp as can be.”

She also posted a video earlier this week, in which she discussed the threats made against her daughter. 

“At the end of the day, we can all see that he clearly is on a mission,” she says in the video above. “For the people who have the nerve to DM me about all this stuff going on, mention my child, who is completely innocent. I don’t think a four-year-old, five-year-old, six-year-old, no matter around that age group, any child period should be—my daughter’s so innocent, she don’t even know she’s being called a b*tch online.”

6ix9ine recently got into a verbal altercation with Meek Mill. Both rappers recorded the encounter, and a clip of the exchange later appeared in his “ZAZA”  video. He also went on IG Live to speak on Pop Smoke and King Von, which led to Lil Reese and 600Breezy issuing 6ix9ine a warning about his conduct.