Calling Drake sensitive is a cliché at this point. In less than a decade, the Degrassi alum transformed hip-hop and R&B into a Toronto-sized soap opera for worldwide consumption. Wheelchair spokes gave way to barbells; the walking meme became the best rapper alive through sheer force of will and internet savvy. Through it all, the 6 God stayed emo.

From the beginning, what’s separated the Canadian rapper from his hip-hop brethren is a willingness to drown himself and listeners in the world of his emotions. Starting with 2009’s So Far Gone, Drake found the exact music formula fans would want from him for years to come. On Take Care, he’d perfect the equation and launch a generation of rappers and singers that weren’t afraid to embrace every ounce of their natural petty. By the time If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Views came along, the emoting became colder; Drizzy’s heart was shielded by inches of muscle fiber and creatine.

The best Drake songs have a special brand of narcissism, jealousy, and emotive longing. He raps like we tweet. Every verse is handcrafted by Drake, the artist, to look exquisite within the confines of an Instagram caption. Drake albums are time capsules of failed relationships that were never our fault. Listeners don’t come to the him for emotional maturity and promises of blissful marriage. Fans want Drake to make our shortcomings seem normal in comparison. Within the OVO head honcho humanity sees a modern reflection.

Drake is pure angst in a world moving impossibly fast. In his lyrics is the pain of every ex that moved on, dream girl that swiped left, and DM left unanswered. We make fun of Drake, because we are Drake. Below, find our picks for the Most Sensitive Drake Lyrics.