It’s understood that the concept of “work” for entertainers looks a lot different than it does for someone with a day job. So while Blueface might’ve been further expanding his fanbase by going on Twitch with Adin Ross and DDG, it’s still wild when livestreaming encroaches on the start time for your son’s birthday. 

Blueface ended up on a Twitch stream with DDG and Adin Ross this week. In the midst of clowning Ross and forcing him to throw up gang signs, Blueface ran into a slight co-parenting problem. Apparently Jaidyn, the mother of Blueface’s son, saw that the rapper was live streaming when he should’ve been getting ready for their son’s party—and decided to crash the Twitch session by calling him.

“It’s your son’s birthday and you’re over here fucking around and embarrassing me in front of every-fucking-body,” Jaidyn said to Blueface, who had her on speakerphone. Blueface stuck it out for a few more minutes before the stream ended. 

Jaidyn definitely made her point—Blueface showed up at his son’s party wearing a blue Power Ranger outfit, to their son’s delight.

Blueface has been on the bad end of a lot of press lately. Most notably, people have accused him of running a sex ring and mistreating the women participating in his OnlyFans show Blue Girls Club. Blueface fired back by jokingly asking for the definition of a “cult” before issuing a more serious response.

“For those who are curious my show is a 3 week series I move women in from all over the US fly them out to cali put them under one roof I own 2 homes I don’t stay there I take care of all there financial needs while they are here i promote there brands etc we film all day tune in,” he tweeted.

He went on to add, “we don’t tolerate any sexual conduct between men and women so the women do tend to grow interest in each other because of this but they are adults at the end of the day it’s only so much I can control so what they do with each other is apart of the show.”