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There’s been a small but vocal backlash against Meek’s latest album due to the cover art, a cubist-style rendering of the rapper surrounded by three naked Black women in sexually provocative poses. One is featured on a stripper pole, while another is bent over. Created by Black artist Nina Chanel Abney, the artwork created a stir on social media. As TMZ reported, one angry man referred to the art as “satanic” in a video rant after he saw a bus featuring Expensive Pain imagery.

“Nina the shit, I don’t think people really understand in the internet and the social world, no one really give a fuck about the fake social world shit,” he said. “She a Black artist, she a Black woman. She’s been expressing herself through art… Nina, she always has a real definition behind her art, she a great artist. These people don’t worry about our community when we dying and going to jail and trapped inside of poverty, so don’t speak on this when you feel some type of way [when] you see some shit you don’t like. Speak up when you see a little girl get killed in our neighbourhood like we do.”

Addressing the video of the shouting man’s public freakout, Meek suggested the man should have felt that rage when George Floyd was murdered by police, not when a bus featured provocative art. “I know he was outraged about a bus and a painting that was on, but what did he say when he saw a white man choke out a Black man for nine minutes?”

However, Meek suggested he doesn’t necessarily agree the art should be featured on a bus.