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London-Irish singer/songwriter Maverick Sabre, who has been blessing the world with his soul-laden pop for over a decade, has returned with his first solo drop since 2019’s When I Wake Up LP. 

New song “Not Easy Love” sees Maverick Sabre call on R&B vocalist and former Hawk House member Demae for the self-produced offering, which calls to mind the static-filled, jazz-rap production of J Dilla. Mav and Demae’s stripped-back vocals converge into a whirlwind of harmony as they ponder on a turbulent relationship. 

Speaking about the new track, Mav said that “Not Easy Love” is about “reflecting on myself, on how my own love isn’t the easiest at times. A lot of songs I’ve written about love over the years have been about being consumed by the emotion of the relationship itself, and maybe in that I haven’t given enough time to see how I can be difficult. Nobody’s perfect.”