UPDATED 9/21, 1:59 p.m. ET: Corey Taylor has responded to MGK, who followed up his Slipknot jokes at Riot Fest with tweets further detailing the inspiration behind them. To hear MGK tell it, Taylor contributed a would-reverse to his and Travis Barker’s Tickets to My Downfall album but the verse was rejected for—in his words—being “fucking terrible.” 

Taylor has since shared screenshots alleging to show conversations he had with Barker. In one screenshot, Taylor is seen responding to Barker’s message about song-tweak suggestions from MGK, telling the blink-182 drummer and producer that he is not “the right guy for the track.”

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Machine Gun Kelly had some mid-performance shade for Slipknot at this weekend’s Riot Fest in Chicago.

On Sunday night, festival attendees were given a scheduling-spurred choice of catching MGK or the Corey Taylor-fronted metal band. The two acts were among those whose scheduled set times overlapped with others, which—of course—is simply part of the experience for any festival. Both started at 8:30 local time, with Slipknot slated for 75-minute set while MGK’s slot was an hour.

Between songs, as seen in a clip that’s since gone viral, MGK dabbled in ageism when telling his fans what he was “really happy” to not be doing.

“Hey, you wanna know what I’m really happy that I’m not doing? Being 50 years old wearing a fucking weird mask on a stage, talking shit,” MGK, whose second album with Travis Barker is expected to arrive soon, said. “So anyway, what’s everyone’s favorite candy? Reese’s Pieces?”

A report from the Chicago Sun-Times adds that MGK also took another name-free shot, this time ahead of an “All I Know” run-through.