He’s been gearing up for this for a little while now, but South London rhymer Louis Culture has now revealed his new EP, When Life Presents Obstacle, his first project since 2020’s multi-genre voyage, Smile Soundsystem. The new 10-tracker follows on from “7AM”, “Twiss”, and “Grime”. “Can’t Deny It”, the B-side to “Twiss”, doesn’t feature on the album, unfortunately. It’s a snip of a project, too, clocking in at a hair under 30 minutes long with most of the tracks coming in at under two minutes.

Besides Bawo and YAMA//SOTO’s appearance on “7AM”, the only other feature on the project comes from singer-songwriter HALINA. Joining YAMA//SOTO, the rest of the production comes from Pullen, Finn Wigan, Samo, Max Frith, Kiina, Karma Kid, Karl Forest, Jim Reed, Dellon, IDHEM, and Louis himself co-produces on “July (Interlude)”.

“This EP fills in the blanks,” says Louis Culture. “Everything I want to say is on there, everything I want you to know is on there: love, grief, success, ends, depression, pain, being up, being skint, lust, motivation, adolescence, oblivion, perseverance and optimism. [I hope] there’s at least one song that makes you feel less alone.”

You can stream Louis Culture’s new project, When Life Presents Obstacle, in full below.