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Unlike most generational talents who reach superstar status and shy away from dropping music, Lil Wayne releases a high volume of music despite being one of rap’s GOATs. This along with his infamous disdain for writing down his lyrics has resulted in Weezy forgetting some of his most memorable rhymes. 

Fox Sports’s Darnell Smith sat down to interview Lil Wayne—who is an avid sports fan. In a clip from the unreleased conversation, Smith hits Wayne with some famous bars he’s rapped. Often, Wayne’s double entendres and punchlines wow fans. But Wayne impressed himself when Smith threw him a forgotten line from the “Lollipop (Remix)” featuring Kanye West.

“Safe sex is great sex/Better wear a latex/‘Cause you don’t want that late text/That ‘I think I’m late’ text,” Smith recited to Lil Wayne who listened in amazement.

“I said that?!” Weezy asked. “I’mma dog! I didn’t know when I said that or why I said that, but I said it. … I don’t write, man.”

Wayne’s knack for creating songs on the fly has produced smash hits. Yet, it can also cause him to forget where he drew some of his inspiration from creating unintentional friction. While talking to the Joe Budden Podcast, Dipset capo, Jim Jones, recalled hearing Lil Wayne and Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain” for the first time. Jones felt like the single’s chorus was too similar to his song “Weather Man” which also featured Weezy and Stack Bundles.

When confronted with the issue, Wayne explained that his lifestyle and rapid work pace force him to forget things. Fortunately, cooler head prevailed thanks to Juelz Santana being the common denominator.

“I wanted to fuck Weezy up over that record, man. But Weezy’s my brother, you know I love him to death. But Weezy did some wacky shit when it came to that record,” Jim Jones said. “I was ready to take it to the next level and Juelz really—I’ll never forget it. It was the MTV Awards show. … We was in the China Club when I seen him. … And the homies just finished throwing somebody off the balcony in that bitch. I’ll never forget that day. Right in front of Weezy.”