Shortly after announcing he was stepping away from music, Uzi hinted at problems with his label during a broadcast on Instagram Live: “Y’all talking about ‘drop something.’ I’m tryna drop something. I dropped ‘New Patek.’ That shit ain’t getting leaked. I’ve been tryna drop something new. Bro, this is my life now. All I can do is make music, and sit back and wait for y’all response, and make visions to this shit.”

Uzi continued by elaborating on the obstacles his career is currently faced with. “You think I don’t wanna drop music?” he explained. “You just gotta understand, when people don’t love you, they’ll hold your life if you sign a motherfucking… Hold that shit against you, and that go for the streets, too. You ain’t supposed to sign no motherfucking paper in the streets because that’s ratting. How the fuck I even sign this shit as a deal? Motherfucker set myself up. What other way I was suppose to let this shit go? Shit, it be all good at first, just like them motherfucking rats. Motherfuckers be right out of jail.”

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