Lil Nas X may want you to call him by his name, but he’s called on another name to promote his debut album Montero (and simultaneously get some relationship stuff straightened out): Maury Povich. 

The chart-topping artist will apparently appear on an upcoming Nov. 17 episode of the legendary TV show Maury, alongside his now-ex-boyfriend Yai Ariz and a woman he may or may not have a kid with. A new teaser for the maybe-real episode has us waiting for the “Scoop” on the platinum-selling rapper, whose real name is Montero Hill. 

“Montero found the love of his life,” Povich says in the clip, “but was shocked to discover Yai was married with a child. Is Jai the dad? Or will Montero get exactly what he wants?”

The trailer looks intense, to say the least, featuring roses, a potential DNA test, an apparent proposal, Nas storming off as cameras follow him, and several looks of surprise from the show’s guests.

Of course, Lil Nas is known for putting on skits, like that of his own Montero Show, and harnessing the power of memes to promote his work. But hopping on a talkshow like Maury is taking things to a new level, and we can’t wait to see how it all goes down (if it hopefully does).

Just last month, Nas was honored with his own day in Atlanta by the Atlanta City Council, as they declared Oct. 20, 2021 “Lil Nas X Day.” He was commended for his barrier-breaking work and his “considerable impact on the LGBTQ community by reshaping how society accepts LGBTQ artists within the music industry,” according to mayoral candidate Antonio Brown.