The Lil Durk and Lil Baby joint tape could be coming soon.

On Monday, Lil Baby shared a picture of him with Lil Durk on his Instagram Stories. He then mentioned Lil Durk in the post, urging his fans to tell Durkio to drop their collab tape.

“Aye y’all,” Lil Baby wrote. “Tell [Lil Durk] let’s drop the tape fucc.”

What started as a fan suggestion on Twitter has grown legs into an actual project. Durk has taken to Instagram and social media on several occasions asking fans if they would be interested in seeing him and Lil Baby join forces. After a resounding “yes,” it seems like Lil Baby and Durk have ventured into the studio to oblige their fans.

Although we don’t know when (or if) we’ll get the tape, Lil Baby’s potential collaboration with Lil Durk will continue Baby’s near-flawless run. In February, Baby sat down with Complex to talk about being the best rapper in the game.

“Well, in a sense, I didn’t [always] want to be a rapper. But I’m rapping,” Baby said when asked about being named Complex’s Best Rapper of 2020. “So if I’m going to be a rapper, my whole thing was, I don’t want people to just fuck with me because I’m Lil Baby and I get money. I really wanted my music to be good.”

Another reason the collab tape with Durk and Baby would be a great moment is that Durk is also on a historic journey. Along with furthering his OTF brand and label, Durk released a Top 5 album, The Voice, which he performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.