KXNG Crooked is associated with two of hip-hop’s enigmas, Eminem and Em’s sensei, Dr. Dre. As a result of these close relationships, he was able to dispel some common misconceptions about the D.R.E.

While fielding fan questions on Twitter earlier this week, Crooked was confronted with a fan asking what thinks is the worse verse on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001.

Like things normally do on the internet, this spiraled into a wormhole about Dre’s notable collection of ghostwriters leading some to wonder if Dre has ever written for himself.

“Dre writes too but yea he has writers I mean Em has written him some fire,” he wrote before claiming that he’s recently witnessed Dre lay several great verses that he’s written for himself.

“Last time I was in the lab with him he wrote his own verse,” Crooked tweeted. “Different cadences, punchlines, etc.”

Dr. Dre understands his role as one of music’s most iconic producers and engineers. So, he doesn’t hide from the fact that he has ghostwriters since rapping isn’t his first priority. He’s also not shy about creating getting the best-of-the-best to write him verses that are hard enough to match his beats. 

Despite this, KXNG Crooked assures fans that Dre could rap with the best of them if he wanted. And KXNG Crooked should know since he and Dr. Dre recently previewed just recently previewed a song together.