Producer: McKinley Jackson
Album: Extrasensory Perception
Label: ABC

Amir: "Everyone in the '80s was using 'Funky President' and the usual drums. When people really starting exploring this shit and getting into rock and jazz, drums became a very important part of hip hop. I used to criticize dudes, on some elitist shit, who were still using James Brown drums in the '90s."

Kon: "That's a great drum break. That song's cool, but to me it's all about the LP cut on there called 'Georgia After Hours.' You can call it disco, but it's a deep cut...kinda late night, but It's about what goes on in Georgia after every thing closes. It's an LP cut only."

Sampled On: Diamond D f/ Don Barron "MC Iz My Ambition" (1997)