Producer: Bob Azzam
Album: New Sounds
Label: Columbia, EMI

Amir: "I remember being at the record shows, seeing Buckwild and everyone pay $300, $500 for that record. It was crazy, people were fighting for that record. It's one of the illest drum breaks."

Kon: "A guy from Boston named Bob Gibson, who taught me a lot, pretty much supplied a lot of records that were sampled for some of the most prolific hip-hop albums of the '90s, like Diamond D's Stunts, Blunts, some Tribe stuff. He used to sell at the Roosevelt shows. He was a record dealer and a collector-that guy was really responsible for breaking a lot of drums that no one had known yet. Like the Giant drums the Power of Zeus drums.

"But the Bob Azzam drums, that was a pretty rare record, it still is. Buckwild chopped those drums up nice. When sampling was the way of making hip-hop records, and drums actually mattered to producers, when you had to come with different drums and they had to bang and be hard to get...that was probably number one on the list. A lot of people wanted that record."

Sampled On: Artifacts f/ Busta Rhymes "C'mon Wit Da Get Down (Remix)" (1994)