Seth Rogen has secured his invitation to witness a Kid Cudi and Lil Yachty collaboration come to life in person.

The swiftly accepted proposal went down on Twitter, as these things often do, and started with a limb-based offer from Yachty. As the Michigan Boy Boat artist explained, he would hand over “any limb” in exchange for a Cudi collab.

Within hours, Cudi had responded, jokingly calling Yachty “fucker” and confirming he was down to work together. And not long after that, fans were given public confirmations of an exchange of Instagram DMs.

Amid the tweeted back-and-forth, Rogen stepped in to request that he be invited to simply “hang out” while Cudi and Yachty get into their respective creative processes. Cudi, unsurprisingly, obliged.

Cudi’s been particularly prolific following the late 2020 release of Man on the Moon III, which saw the Mad Solar co-founder and Crater actor returning to an album theme that first began with his studio debut back in 2009. Entergalactic, an upcoming animated project set to debut on Netflix, will provide fans with an immersive experience spread across multiple mediums.

Meanwhile, MOTM III will indeed be supported by a proper tour, with Cudi recently confirming in response to a fan’s tweeted inquiry that the tour is definitely happening. Recent months, he added, have been spent dealing with the venue-booking process.

As for Yachty, he recently broke down his role in getting Cudi on Kanye West’s Donda track “Moon.” In short, he had a feeling Cudi’s voice would soar over the song when he heard an excerpt, which inspired him to kick into A&R mode.