Toronto R&B singer Kennedy Rd is back with a new EP, Waves of Love, that features three new songs that take listeners on a journey through learning to love and blossoming while in it. The three songs “Waves of Love,” “Wanna Love,” and “The One I Like” serve as a trilogy, with each track cycling through a different rhythmic state of emotions.

Kennedy Rd tells Complex that the idea of waves was inspired by the unpredictable, restless waves of the ocean that can be calm one second and turbulent the next. To bring this visceral idea to life, she will releasing it as a trilogy, or in three waves. The first wave (volume one) explores three different emotions that go hand-in-hand with new love. “In this first wave, the feelings of reproaching love once again mirrors the exact wave of feelings I’ve been experiencing as I reproach the music industry again,” she says. “So far, through this project I’ve come to learn just how beautifully synonymous music and love are in my life.”

Playing with the idea of contrast, “Waves of Love” explores the tug of war between intensity and gentleness, with Kennedy Rd explaining that both can exist at once, to kick off the first wave of feelings. “I wrote this song based on a thought I had about how much stronger love can be felt and given when vulnerability is met with softness and safety,” she says.

Her lyrics are a love letter to these juxtaposing emotions: “Love me so softly, our rhythms align so effortlessly,” she sings with ease.

On the second track, “Wanna Love,” she opens up about feeling emotionally unavailable, and how this avoidant attachment style has presented itself in others, and in herself. “In the first verse I question myself about what the real fear and avoidance is, then continue to accept that I truly want love without fear and holding back,” she says. “I declare that I must swim away from any connection that doesn’t align with this new realization of self.”

“The One I Like,” the third and final track, explores “the feelings of having eyes for one person, and intentions of staying present within the experience of getting to know that one person,” Kennedy Rd explains. “It highlights the importance of not jumping ahead and truly enjoying the process of getting to know someone for who they are beyond expectation and attachment.”

Listen to the EP below: