Once again, Kendrick paused after the Keem songs, leaving open the door to debut new music. But instead, he went to “Love,” and closed with an emotional rendition of “Sing About Me,” telling the crowd it’s one of his favorite songs ever. Many people agreed. The emotion in Kendrick’s eyes was palpable as he recited the song’s doleful chorus, and the dancers from earlier in the performance gathered around him to resemble a family picture. They paused for what Kendrick deemed a “moment of silence” before he thanked the crowd and promised that he would be back “very soon.”

The comment sounded like a hint that his album might be coming sooner than later. Those who attended the set with anticipation of receiving new album information only got the inkling that new music is on the way. But more than that, they also received a winding, passionate set from one of the greatest rappers of all time. He rhymes “I am the Omega” on “Family Ties,” and last night he tore through his hits and reminded the rap world that he just may be.