Kendrick Lamar has recorded a dizzying array of stop-you-in-your-tracks rap verses in his career, and he’s proven he can attack from any angle. If he’s up for it, he can insert himself into as many headlines as possible with an explosive guest verse like “Control,” which broke the internet (and infuriated a long list of rappers in the process) back in 2013. Or he can flex his songwriting skills and weave together intricate storylines on a song like “Duckworth.” Alternatively, he’s just as effective locking into a great beat and simply rapping his ass off on a banger like “Backseat Freestyle.” He can do it all. In celebration of Kendrick’s 33rd birthday, we combed through his discography and highlighted his finest verses. Honestly, he’s accumulated so many standout moments over the past decade that this could have easily become a Top 100 list, but we chose to limit it to the cream of the crop. These are Kendrick Lamar’s best verses, ranked.