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Earlier this month, reports circulated that singer Kelly Price had gone missing. On Monday, the singer spoke for the first time about her ordeal, which included a battle with COVID-19.

In an interview with TMZ, Price made it clear that she was never missing, and said that she almost died from the virus while in hospital. “At some point, they lost me,” she said. “I woke up some days later and the first thing I remember was the team of doctors standing around me and asking if I knew what year it was. I died. I remember waking up in ICU.” Asked to clarify what she meant by “they lost me,” Price answered, “I died. A few days later, I remember waking up in ICU and the doctor asked me if I remembered what year it was.”

Georgia authorities were first alerted by unnamed family members of Price that she was missing, but her attorney soon confirmed the singer was safe and receiving treatment at home. “She was released from the hospital with COVID and she went to a quiet place and she’s trying to recover,” her representative Monica Ewing said.

While she’s on the mend following her hospitalization, Price said she’s suffering from long-COVID and is still on oxygen. “Very uphill battle right now,” she said, suggesting that she has some “rehab” to go through before she feels comfortable performing again.

As for that missing person report, Price reiterated that she was not missing. “I was never missing. I was in my home, I was being seen by doctors. Everyone in my family knew exactly where I was,” she explained. “I have never been in danger, I am not in danger right now.” In reality, she was just recovering from COVID-19 and was isolating. She also said she hadn’t seen her sister in over a year, although she didn’t specify who it was that reported her missing.