If you’ve ever felt addicted to your phone, Muzi and Kaytranada have the song for you. On “I Know It” the South African artist links up with the Montreal Grammy winner for a thumping dance track about not being able to unplug and live offline.

Muzi ponders society’s obsession with social media over Kaytranada’s crisp drumbeat: “Am I real to you if I don’t post/Did I do it well if I don’t boast,” he sings. The two artists had been exchanging ideas online and “I Know It” was born from their collaborations. The result is a co-production that pokes fun at the never-ending cycle of social media dependence while also cheekily warning people to disconnect.

Muzi on his phone
Image via Publicist

“During my time of healing, I got addicted to being on my phone and social media to take my mind off of things,” Muzi tells Complex. “I wrote this song to sort of talk about my phone as if it were a woman I was in love with.”

In the vibrant music video, directed by Muzi’s Clout Killed The Kids, Muzi sports a leather zebra outfit he designed himself. 

Muzi’s new album INTERBLAKTIC  drops October 1.