Karol performed over 20 other songs after that, proving that she is indeed La Bichota of this game. She had the crowd of 40,000 people in the palm of her hand, using them as her very own backup singers. There were times where she would just let them do the singing whenever she needed a break, and they gladly obliged, singing hits like “El Barco” at the top of their lungs. Everyone knew the words to “Tusa,” her song with Nicki Minaj, as Karol rapped in place of the Queens MC. 

Complex covered the exploding Medellín music scene a couple of years ago in our documentary A New Medellín: Rebirth Through Reggaeton, and I was able to see firsthand how much it’s grown since then. This is no longer a trend or fad. This is a culture, a community. This is here to stay for the foreseeable future. As Karol dominates the Latin market, the next goal is to truly crossover Stateside, which can happen with more hits and more A-list collabs. Not many people can sell out a stadium and have 40,000 people eating out of the palm of their hand like she can. Karol playing in Medellin felt like a holiday, and it was a truly incredible experience to see the love her city has for her. 

All in all this was a special night and special weekend filled with good food and good music. That’s what culture is all about. I was able to meet Karol backstage and I wanted to confirm if she still had the “wave” tattoo she got during a video shoot with us a couple years ago. She happily put her forearm up for a flick, confirming that indeed she didn’t cover it up. Karol G is not only the Queen of Medellín—she’s the Queen of Urbano Latino and she’s as humble as ever. And her latest album KG0516 mixes a bunch of different genres, showing that she can’t be put in a box.

Karol G will only get bigger, and it’s magnificent to watch in real time. Long live the Queen.