Saint West might have a career in football if what transpired in Tampa Bay on Monday is any indication. 

In a video posted to Instagram by Kanye West on Monday, Saint can be see playing an extended game of catch with Tom Brady in one of the Buccaneers’ luxury suites.

“Try not to let the other person get it. Oh, you catch it good too!” Brady said as Kanye looked on and filmed. 

“Say, ‘Daddy, you’re gonna have to throw me a ball all the time now,’” Brady said to Saint as they continued to play catch. “Oh yeah, you’re gonna keep daddy super busy.”

Brady explained that every time he wants to play catch with his own kids, they  say “dad I’ve had enough.’” He then asked Saint to list off his favorite sports, which included basketball and “sometimes” soccer. Ye chimed in that if Brady agreed to keep playing catch with his boy, that he’d draw with Brady’s son. “I’m a little bit creative,” Ye said with a laugh.

The moment was also soundtracked by the Sunday Service rendition of Drake’s “God’s Plan,” with Drizzy himself tagged. Drake commented with a pink heart emoji and a fingers crossed emoji.

The video further reaffirms that the beef between the two rappers has finally come to end. After a contentious few years of back-and-forth between the duo, Drake and Kanye came together at the request of J. Prince, who asked them to set their differences aside and put on a concert to support the release of Larry Hoover. The concert is officially a go, and is set to take place on Dec. 9 at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles.