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In September 2019, Kanye announced that he was done with making secular music before releasing two gospel-inspired albums: Jesus Is King and Jesus Is Born. According to photographer Nigel D., who attended the listening event in Vegas, Donda is still “centered on God,” but Kanye is also experimenting with secular sounds again, including “some slow [and] some trap [...] Some songs could be played in a church, some in a club.” Nigel went on to say, “The album is really about having faith in God and overcoming adversity. Kanye speaks on personal struggles and struggles others face. Positive messages that you can turn up to.” Nigel also noted that the album includes curse words, unlike Jesus Is King. “I thought the album would have no expletives. But there are some B’s and N’s. So Kanye tried to rush and lower the music when the B’s were flying because we were in a church,” he wrote.