It’s wild to think about Justin Bieber all the way back in 2008, when he was singing songs on YouTube at 14 (!) years old—a baby who had a song called “Baby,” if you will. However much people wanted to fight it, there was no denying that the Biebs was talented; he got signed from those videos (and that floppy hair) alone.

Once he hit the scene, teen girls caught on and made sure that he’d never be forgotten—and then everyone else followed. Bieber’s career has been quite the whirlwind; we’ve watched him grow from innocent teen pop star into the tattooed hypebeast that we know and (maybe) love today.

Now, at 24, with international fame, some VERY good albums under his belt, and a whole lot of drama, primarily because of his own diva antics, one has to wonder how the pop star himself reflects on his fame at such a tender age.

Even if a video or tweet gets deleted, it usually resurfaces as a screencap on Tumblr or Twitter, one that will haunt the heartthrob forever—like when he apologized for storming off stage in the middle of a show, and then deleted it. So does Biebs look back at what he’s tweeted and feel regret? Growth? Apathy?

He’s been tweeting for about a decade now, and has accumulated a pretty solid collection of tweets, ranging from the deeply sincere to the very confusing. He’s still pretty active on social media, either Instagramming Christ-like pics or tweeting about causes he believes in. But sometimes, even in 2018—and luckily for us—Bieber still gets weird on Twitter. Here are 20 of his best tweets, although honestly, there are probably way more than that.