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Unlike one rainbow-haired rapper who shall remain nameless, Bobby Shmurda has been celebrated for being loyal and sticking it out in prison until he was released in February.

Jim Jones is the latest rapper to applaud Shmurda for his honor. The pair ran into each other for the first time since Shmurda was let out, leading to a heartwarming and joyous moment.

“Look who home,” Jones said during the video, where he can be seen with Shmurda and his crew. “He walked on down on you n***as, you heard? Real n***as in the building. We have to give him his flowers. He did it like he was supposed to.” Jones continued, “We gotta celebrate n***as like this, you heard? He paid his debt to society like a real n***a do. Fuck is you n***as talking about? Back to the bag, you heard?”

Jones explained that he was in the studio when the Brooklyn rapper unexpectedly popped up and they immediately started wrestling each other. “First time I seen Bobby last night his energy is impeccable,” Jones wrote in the caption. “I’m in th studio high as a kite I hear sombody say I got th billy wit me I look up it’s Bobby bitch.”

He continued, “Love this fool as I look at this clip again I started to laugh n smile all over again. I can say I am genuinely for for this young man. Yal b celebrating these weirdos I’m celebrate my hero’s.”