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The stand-off between Jermaine Dupri and Diddy continues.

The Bad Boy mogul tweeted a jab at Dupri after he was challenged to go hit-for-hit following Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz ​​​battle earlier this week, writing, “Beloved you my nigga but your arms too short to box with God!!! You aiint got enough hits. I’ll smash you with just biggie n Mary . But I do have the upmost respect on you as a musical legend.” 

After catching the attention of T.I., who issued his own response to Puff condemning his comments, Dupri has since replied and challenged Diddy again.

“My arms are long enough to do this all day,” Dupri wrote in a TikTok of him making a beat. “What about yours?”

Diddy replied in the Instagram comments of the post: “Brother that’s not it!!! Keep trying!!!! Love you short arms.”