Someone has their eye on Jennifer Lopez and it doesn’t seem like they wish the best for her.

According to TMZ, this person in question has been inundating 911 dispatchers with calls to the singer’s home in Los Angeles, something that has been going on for almost six months, since her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration. At first, authorities believed that the reason behind the fake 911 calls was political ideology, but the person’s motives are still unclear.

Law enforcement insiders told the outlet that LAPD officers continue to go to J Lo’s house due to the 911 calls. However, rather than reporting very serious crimes—like a shooting or robbery—the caller complains that the home is playing loud music, among other noise disturbances. And when the police arrive at the home, nothing is amiss.

Authorities still don’t know who the caller is but are diligently working to figure it out since the person has become a nuisance for the LAPD. However, it’s been hard identifying the individual since they aren’t calling from a landline.

J Lo has found herself in the news quite often as of late, due to her split with Alex Rodriguez and her romantic rekindling with Ben Affleck. The two actors split up 17 years ago, in 2004 following a two-year engagement. But it seems like this time around, Bennifer 2.0 is here to stay, with the couple already vacationing together and sending each other affectionate emails.