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Jake Paul wants to take on the tall task of shutting up 6ix9ine by inviting the rapper to the ring. 

While fielding through Instagram questions on Tuesday, Paul revealed that he would “love” to knock 6ix9ine out. 

“I want to because he deserves to get his ass beat and I want to do it for all the people he’s disrespected but honestly would be too easy and a 30-second fight + he wouldn’t show up in the ring on the day of the fight,” Paul wrote. “but yes I would love to knock him out.”

6ix9ine made himself a household name by disrespecting rappers and entertainers. But since being released from prison, the rapper has upped the ante by insulting dead artists and/or their deceased associates. After learning that Jake Paul wanted to fight him, 6ix9ine gave him a taste of this new level of disrespect. 

“I think he’s on steroids like his security guard who passed away,” 6ix9ine wrote. 

Paul’s former bodyguard Shamir “The Shadow” Bolivar died shortly before the YouTuber’s bout against Ben Askren. Along with Paul, Boliver worked closely with 6ix9ine through The Shadow Group Security company.

6ix9ine wasn’t Paul’s only target. He also responded to The Game who challenged Jake and Logan Paul to fight him and his brother in front of the Staples Center. In the process of ducking the fade, Paul sent a slight shot at Conor McGregor.

“No I don’t assault grandpa’s like McGregor,” Paul told a fan who asked about his fight with Game.