Jack Harlow stopped mid-performance during a show in Toronto to acknowledge that Drake was in attendance.

“Tonight was a dream come true to me for more than one reason,” Harlow said to the sold-out crowd on Tuesday night. “First off, you sold this b*tch out. Second, I was halfway through my performance and I seen my idol looking at me, man. Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT one time!”

In a video posted to Instagram, Drizzy can be seen in a VIP booth, looking down at Harlow and showing appreciation for the shout-out as the crowd applauds. Jack, who is at the tail end of his Créme De La Créme tour, has long spoken about how Drake is one of his biggest inspirations, and that the Canadian MC was one of the main reasons he got into music. 

In a recent interview with Complex, Harlow was quick to name Drake as a GOAT alongside Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Jay-Z.

In an October interview with GQ, Harlow said that it’s been a hard transition for him into rap stardom. “I have serious imposter syndrome the whole way through,” he told the outlet. “And then you have to bounce with it and you feel like you are totally where you are supposed to be. Moments of self-doubt combined with moments of I am who I think I am.”

Check out video of the exchange with Drake above, and watch Jack speak on his other GOAT influences with Complex below.