In a new audio clip shared on Instagram, Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince has alleged that authorities are harassing him over crimes he didn’t commit.

"I just had to share one example of many of the criminal lies that’s told on my name on a daily basis," he said in the clip, while showing a screenshot of text messages from an apparent drug deal. "Clearly this is a drug deal taking place on text message with my name being used to seal a deal that I have no knowledge of all or involvement in no capacity. These type of made-up scenarios and lies or the type of excuses The Feds … constantly harass me and try to incriminate me by the use of another person’s actions because when they arrest them they will lie on you.”

Prince, who has also alleged that he’s had drugs planted on him multiple times by “dirty cops,” suggested he was being harassed by corrupt DEA agents and is also being targeted by the IRS for unclear reasons. "I don't knock no man's hustle. But don't put my name in none of that law-breaking shit," he said. "I have enough problems on my own." 

The cryptic message accuses several people of “snitching” to get ahead and insists that the harassment he’s facing is very much real however outlandish it may sound. “I know this sounds like a movie but this shit is real, because I have been getting harassed all of my life by racist, hateful cops and agents,” he added. “I’ve been extensively audited and harassed by the IRS on several occasions with no penalties and now it’s the FBI falling in line with those dirty criminal tactics.”

While the clip doesn’t get into specifics regarding his current situation, it’s possible that J. Prince could be keeping the message deliberately vague for legal reasons.

Just last month, the music executive condemned the individuals responsible for the death of his nephew, who was shot and killed in their hometown of Houston, Texas. “To all the real ones in every hood in H-Town, let’s not wait on the police to solve every problem for us," he wrote on Instagram.