Ace Hood is an ideal fit to host Complex and Spotify’s new podcast, Infamous: The Story of YNW Melly, because of his proximity to YNW Melly’s world.

The 33-year-old rapper was born and raised in Florida, less than two hours from Melly’s hometown. As he explains to Complex, “I related to being in a small city and knowing that once success comes into that picture, and once success comes into that dynamic, things change. Friendships change and it just alters the dynamic of things.”

Since 2006, Ace has made some of hip-hop’s best music about hustling. Songs like “Cash Flow,” “Out Here Grindin,’” and “Overtime” have provided multiple generations with keys to success, which he’s made use of himself. He’s put on for Florida throughout his career, laying down a blueprint for the next generation of Florida artists to model after. 

Now, in addition to working on a new four-part album called A Hero’s Journey, Ace Hood is telling Melly’s story on the new season of Infamous in vivid detail. Throughout the eight-episode season, Ace walks listeners through Melly’s early days in Florida, his rise to fame, and the events that led to his current legal situation where he faces charges for double murder.

“It gives you further information on who [Melly and his counterparts] were, the lifestyle that they live, what type of relationships they had,” Ace says of the podcast. “It gives you more clarity on where the case is, where it stands, where the case is going, and just gives you insight of the type of person he is and the human being that he is outside of just the case.”

Celebrating the launch of the new season of Infamous (you can stream the first five episodes on Spotify now) Ace Hood took some time to detail the podcast, the Florida rap scene, and what he’s working on now. The interview, lightly edited for clarity, is below.