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Iggy Azalea says she personally witnessed “abusive” behavior from Britney Spearsfather when she and the pop icon worked together on their 2015 collab “Pretty Girls.”

In a two-part letter shared to her Twitter on Wednesday night, Iggy said she wanted to speak out in an effort to offer support for Britney, as well as to share a firsthand account of the sort of behavior Jamie Spears has been alleged to have engaged in. According to Iggy, the father intimidated her into signing an NDA just before her and Britney’s “Pretty Girls” performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

“It’s basic human decency to at the very least remove a person Britney has identified as abusive from her life,” Iggy said Wednesday night. “This should be illegal. During the time we worked together in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior Britney detailed in regards to her father last week and I just want to back her up and tell the world that: She is not exaggerating or lying.”

Azalea also recalled seeing Britney being restricted from “the most bizarre and trivial things,” including the number of sodas she was allowed to consume.