Don’t ask Idris Elba why he’s deciding to spit a few bars in his free time, it’s just because he can. 

The multi-talented actor and musician linked up with the GRM Daily YouTube channel for his “Daily Duppy” freestyle on Thursday, showing off his film resume with some quick bars and a relaxed flow. 

“Talent is a blessing and that’s my religion,” Idris raps. “Forty-eight years old, and I can beat up your dad. Old enough to know better, jet setter, go-getter. I.E, O.B.E, three letters. Bout’ to do a set with Calvin and Guetta, cause I can. Take the piss cause I can, quote a bar ‘cause I can.”

The video sees Idris list off many of his accomplishments, from appearing on magazine covers to starring in both DC and Marvel films, all just “’cause I can.”

But he’s not just spitting bars because he can, he’s also starring as your favorite video game sidekick because he can. Idris revealed in August that he’ll be taking on the voice of Knuckles in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 2. His revelation came with a witty “Knock, knock” caption, as the film is expected to hit theaters on April 8, 2022.

Elba also stars in Netflix’s Jay-Z produced western The Harder They Fall, which just recently got an Oct. 6 release date, and also stars Jonathan Majors and Lakeith Stanfield, among others. You can check out that trailer below.