Ethiopian-Canadian singer Hunnah’s latest single “Appreciate” artfully captures the perils of dating, toying with the politics of desirability as a woman of colour. It’s the first single from the Toronto native’s forthcoming EP Unloved, which is out this fall.

On the smooth R&B track, Hunnah’s velvet vocals are key to expressing her frustration with feeling seen while dating. Hunnah explains that thematically, the song delves into the idea of being wanted: “This song came from conversations with friends about feeling unappreciated and unseen as Black women moving through the world and specifically in the realm of dating,” she tells us. “This desire to be desired, to be seen and appreciated is something that I often run from, but this song and project overall is me diving into this vulnerability and exploring these often unvoiced desires.”

Her sharp lyrics don’t shy away from a feeling that hits close to home for many Black women: feeling invisible when it comes to romance in a society that makes us hypervisible. It’s a song that oozes vulnerability, welcoming in all those who have ever felt the same way.

“So why it feel like no ever seeing me/I’m just asking for a little clarity,” she sings near the beginning of the track, getting deeper later on when she points out that she feels excluded: “Always singing love songs/But you should know that I can’t relate.”

There are moments of Aaliyah and a dash of Amaal in Hunnah’s lush vocals, and the alluring harmonies strike the perfect balance between old school R&B and current neo-soul.