One of the hubcaps from the SUV in which the Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot has been put up for sale, and it comes with a pretty hefty asking price.

TMZ reports that Moments in Time, an auctioning house for historic cultural artifacts, is asking for $150,000 for one of the four hubcaps from the GMC Suburban that Biggie Smalls died in on March 9, 1997 outside of L.A.’s Petersen Automotive Museum. Sources close to the sale indicate the seller obtained the hubcap from a family friend, who owns the rental company which owned the SUV. They had been in possession of it for years before deciding to sell.

The hubcap features a sticker advertising Biggie’s 1997 album Life After Death, which was released 16 days after his death. Crime scene photos from 1997 also show the hubcaps featuring the sticker, which reads, “THINK B.I.G. MARCH 25, 1997.” Biggie was killed shortly after midnight over 24 years ago when a Chevrolet Impala SS pulled up alongside his SUV and fired four shots, the fourth of which was fatal. It was never deduced who the gunman was, and Biggie’s murder remains an open case to this day.

In a recent interview, Fat Joe opened up about the joint album he was working on with Biggie that they never had a chance to finish.

“We cut about five songs together. He was like, ‘You the Latino don, I’m the Black don,’” Joe said. “And we was in that studio going crazy.”

While these songs might never see the light of day due to some disses directed at Tupac, it’s another interesting potential artifact in hip-hop history.