In a simple tweet and a post on his Instagram Stories, Gunna has stressed the importance of people working 9-5 jobs.

“It’s cool to work a 9-5 no capp,” he wrote on Tuesday. “Getting money is getting money.”

He elaborated on his IG Stories on Wednesday.

“Back to what I was saying, 9-5 is cool,” he said in the clip, which included the caption “thank you all” at the bottom and showed a handful of people bustling around racks of clothes. “I need these people. All these people that worked today, I needed these people here today. Like, it’s overly cool.”

Gunna has been quite busy as of late, so it would make sense he’s appreciative of those working 9-5 jobs. This month alone, he’s appeared on Tay Keith’s song “Lights Off,” showed up in the video for Lil Durk’s video for “What Happened to Virgil,” and touched upon the recent “Pushin P” slang controversy in an episode of The Shop. The segment also saw him talk about the evolving role of record labels in the music industry, and how many rappers have depicted labels as the enemy.

“You shouldn’t say, ‘fuck the label, ’cause they taking the chance on you,” he said. “It’s up to you to really make this money back and go make more money. And for all the young artists who are coming up, I want to tell them, ‘Man, don’t look at it like it’s a bad deal. You’re not getting what you want in the can always get better.”