The Bay Area’s finest Guapdad 4000, aka the Ferragamo Falcon, aka the Balmain Batman, has released his latest single “Ruthless” which continues the hot streak of tracks from the rapper.

Produced by James Delgado, “Ruthless” has a distinct West Coast sound to it that Guapdad thrives on as he raps about the things he doesn’t even need to flex about anymore. Before dropping this, the Rick Owens Renaissance Man released a similarly high-octane track called “I Need Bands” that came with inspired visuals directed by Paul Middleton.

Both of these singles look to keep Guap’s momentum going after he dropped his project 1176 back in 2021. Produced by !llmind and featuring Rick Ross, Buddy, P-Lo, and Tish Hyman, the project demonstrated how much Guapdad has grown over these last few years, and how the organic relationships he’s fostered in the music industry can yield great bodies of work. When talking about the project, the rapper said that he had no idea what it would become when he and !llmind started working on it.

“If !llmind had a power it would be to shapeshift, he can do anything! Something like this comes in handy when you need to tell the full spectrum of your story like I did in this music,” Guapdad 4000 said of 1176. “I had no idea we would stumble upon something this magical though, but I guess I should have known that linking up with my Filipino brother would enhance my super powers!”

Listen to Guapdad 4000’s new single “Ruthless” down below. The rapper is also currently on the Under a Blue Moon tour with Wale.