London-born, Long Island-raised rapper MF DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile, is one of hip-hop's few remaining mysteries. From his insistence on wearing a mask to the way he retains total controls of how and when fans see him, he's an underground legend in a way few others in his field have managed. Perhaps more than anyone else in the last two decades, DOOM has had a lasting effect on the way people interpret and perform rap.

His distinctive approach to flowing on top of production, whether it be his own, Madlib's or anyone else lucky enough to get him on one of their beats, is often imitated, never replicated. The list of younger artists who are influenced by him is extensive, and he's still going strong 30 years after he debuted as an artist as part of KMD. To celebrate his infallible legacy, watch these 10 essential deep-cut DOOM videos.

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