Eryn Martin just dropped a remix of her song “Ball” featuring Guapdad 4000 off her fresh EP Still Ballin’. The Brampton artist has also shared a claymation-style music video for the track, which we’re exclusively premiering today.

“Ball Remix” is an anti-lullaby soaked with reverb. The trap beat keeps the remix close to the original, with the addition of Guapdad 4000’s verse giving it a new spin.

Still Ballin’ is a six-song remix EP, which includes the original version of “Ball,” as well as five new interpretations of the song by producers like Jonnyshipes and Jerry Folk. Each version bends the genre of the track, with hints of electronic, pop, indie, and hip-hop sprinkled throughout. 

“This song opened a lot of doors for me, so to be able to redo the song and honour it in such a way is really cool to me,” explains Martin. “We got a few really talented producers and artists to help take a couple cool different approaches to the song and I had a lot of fun reliving the song a few more times.”

Erin Martin reading a magazine.
Image via Publicist

Martin is thankful to be able to revisit “Ball.”

“I’m really grateful for the original version and everything it’s done for me, so I hope that everyone that was a fan of it can appreciate these new takes on it,” she says. “They’re all different in their own way and I’m a huge fan of all of them. I feel blessed to have gotten to work with all these people on this because the song is really special to me and will always be.”

Listen to Still Ballin’ below.