Erykah Badu and The D.O.C. have responded to social media backlash after their 18-year-old daughter Puma posted a photo of herself in form-fitting leggings alongside her mother.

In a post on her Instagram, Puma Sabti Curry addressed criticism she and her mother faced after they shared the photos of them side-by-side. “I posted a pic (not my mom) of me and my mama Badu in some cute form fitting pants,” she wrote. “I’m an adult. What’s the real issue? Let’s discuss.”

In a pair of comments, Puma’s father and mother both wrote, “Well…,” as if to imply they’re waiting to hear a justification for the criticism. Badu added in response to D.O.C.’s comment, “the best.” 

The images, which were posted on Instagram earlier this month, clearly sparked a reaction from some online. While many expressed their support in the comments section, including, others suggested that Badu was exploiting her daughter. One comment, as HipHopDX noted, called the post “commercial prostitution.”

After the initial reaction to the images, Badu retweeted someone who suggested that Badu goes viral each year for a photo of her behind in one way or another. “Next year I’ll show y’all a sonogram X-ray of my colon,” she joked. "Dr. Says, and I quote, 'it’s just the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.'"