Drake has offered some succinct but impactful words of encouragement for fellow artists who may be at the beginning of their journey with respect to live performances.

Indeed, Drake shared an Instagram Stories update on Tuesday focused on a show he did at the since-closed Kool Haus venue in Toronto back in 2006. For his opening slot on the Ice Cube-headlined date, Drake, as shown in paperwork at the time, had a guarantee of $100.

The original post in question comes from the Flyer Vault, a museum dedicated to the documentation of Toronto club history. And while $100 is a long way from what Drake presumably commands at his performances these days, the frequent target of this writer’s “Summer Games” public sequel requests would likely agree that—particularly early into the journey—being paid anything at all for one’s art is an incredible feeling.

“This is for anybody getting 100 a show right now,” Drake wrote when sharing the post. “Keep going.” At the time, as noted in the original IG post’s caption, Drake was fresh off the release of his Room for Improvement tape. Three years later, Drake would unveil his breakthrough project So Far Gone.

Drake is seen reflecting on Instagram
Image via Drake on Instagram

In November, Drake is set to take the stage at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Meanwhile, Drake’s OVO label rolled out its new Halloween capsule collection (complete with timely A Nightmare on Elm Street designs) this week.