Eric: It’s a tie. Both albums are too long, and they both have unnecessary songs that weigh down their tracklists. Neither have songs that are outright terrible, but there are a few boring records on each. It’s a wash.

Andre: It’s a tieI don’t think either project has lows in the sense of songs that I’d want someone to immediately turn off. Both guys are too talented for that. CLB’s flaws are moments where Drake is just treading water, knowing his stans will eat it up, while Donda’s “low’ moments are when the vocals are sparse and the (stellar) production is the main attraction.

Jessica: Donda. The album was muddled by Kanye’s messy rollout, which included three separate listening events and constant editing. Though the rollout ultimately doesn’t play a role in the final product, it’s impossible for me to not think about it when discussing that album, leading to Donda having lower lows. The misguided directions, unnecessary length, and all the other problems on Donda would still be there, but had Kanye not chosen to release the album in the manner he did, I would have received it better.