Eric: This album has flaws, but don’t get it twisted: Drake’s skills are still sharp and his range on CLB is ridiculous. After listening to him for over a decade, a lot of us take for granted that he can pull off top-tier R&B records, high-energy club songs, and introspective rap cuts on the same album—and do it all at a high level. Honestly, he didn’t need all these features on CLB, because he can still do it all himself if he wants to.

Andre: The second half of the album is where it picks up. If he had dropped a 13-track project starting from “7 Am On Bridle Path,” plus a couple of the earlier tracks, it would have made for a stronger straight-through listen. CLB picks up after “7 Am…” Even the R&B tracks have a little more energy and vitality to them than the songs in the first half. “Race My Mind” is essentially the same content as some of the earlier toxic chronicles, but it feels brighter, and the Rick James “Give It To Me Baby” interpolation is fire. 

Jessica: We get a mix of the different facets of Drake on CLB. He has made an effort to showcase his different sides and styles on past albums like Scorpion, but he did a better job of balancing it all on this project. He also tried to incorporate both of his sides on each song, instead of dedicating one half of the album to rapping and the other half to singing. There’s a good mix of bars, Instagram captions, and singing.