If you’ve read this timeline all the way through, you’ve seen that Drake was Mr. KOTD at one point. That’s why it was somewhat surprising to see him show his face at rival league URL’s NOME 5 (Night of Main Events) event in the spring of 2015. He was technically correct that URL, which evolved from the classic SMACK DVD, was “the biggest arena” in battle rap due to its concentration of big name in-house talent, but it was interesting to hear him credit URL as the superior league in light of his previous support for KOTD. The two leagues have the kind of relationship that two rival radio stations do. They deal with the same artists, but generally don’t do business or acknowledge each other unless they’re throwing shots. Nevertheless, Drake began his public relationship with URL onstage at one of the league’s biggest annual events, shouting out the culture and sidestepping Mook rumors by joking that the battle rap legend (who was onstage next to him) had to battle fellow battle rap star Tsu Surf first.