Toronto’s DillanPonders has linked up with his longtime friend Terrell Morris for “MOMMA’S STOOP,” an energetic track that’s dripping in nostalgia.

“‘MOMMA’S STOOP’ is a song that represents the feeling of sitting and politicking with your best friend. Terrell and I go way back and this song came into fruition very naturally,” DillanPonders tells Complex. “We’re just sitting on a stoop talking about how we feel about this crazy world we live in, which in a sense, is something we all do with the people we care about.”

DillanPonders and Terrell Morris against a white wall
Image via Quinn Ellis

Ponders has always rapped about the ups and downs of real life, drawing inspiration from everything around him. He boasts this same attitude on the track, taking his wins and losses in stride. “Everything is earned, everything is learned,” he ruminates. Combining his poetic lyricism with Morris’s smooth vocals makes for a catchy yet insightful listen with rapid-fire bars.


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The single is taken from the upcoming deluxe version of his album BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, which is out at the end of June.