In a video shared online this week, Desiigner had some words for EST Gee after the Louisville rapper wanted to charge him $75,000 for a guest verse.

“Opps tried to charge me $75,000,” Desiigner said in the clip shared below. “EST Gee, bro, you are garbage. You are hot garbage. You can’t perform like me. You can’t never make a song like anybody in New York City. You’re trash, bro. You’re trash. ... Stop playing with me, for real. Y’all n***as ain’t never sell what I sold. That’s on my mother. You n***as is still trapping, your little gold records. Keep all them chains on your neck, boy. ‘Cause you a slave to the game.”

EST Gee has yet to respond to what Desiigner had to say, but the latter has since apologized or backtracked his comments somewhat. 

“I’ma leave like—that's that man's price," he said in a video shared more recently. “Word. No disrespect to they camp over there, they’re handling their business over there.”

Desiigner’s comments come not long after EST Gee released his star-studded new album, I Never Felt Nun. The project features appearances from Future, jack harlow, Bryson Tiller, Jeezy, and Machine Gun Kelly among others. Desiigner, meanwhile, hasn’t dropped a major project since 2018’s L.O.D., but he did share his most recently single “Jaguar” last month.