Financial literacy isn’t about just saving up to say you saved up, but also using your investments to empower yourself and others. David Gross and Own Our Own are trying to help Black people do just that. The program “invests in Black communities and Black people to fill gaps created by a historic lack of investment and to unlock the untapped economic value that has always existed in our neighborhoods,” according to the official website

The project has similarities to the Our Opportunity initiative which Gross co-founded with his one-time business partner, the late Nipsey Hussle, but Gross clarifies that Own Our Own is its own entity. “With the passage of time, the world has changed, and the initiative has evolved a bit,” Gross told Complex over the phone. 

Own Our Own is working with high-profile entertainers and athletes all over the country to invest in Black communities and help local residents to become shareholders in what they hope will be a bustling portfolio of real estate ventures. They recently built Broadway Boxing Gym in South Central LA with the help of LA rappers D Smoke and G Perico. 

“All the shit that people say they want to do in the Black community, we’re going to put it to the test,” Gross says about his initiative. 

As part of Complex’s Get Money initiative, we spoke with David Gross about Own Our Own, an “investment 101” eBook he’s putting together, and general investment advice for people.