JP: On “In The Fire”, Fredo came in sharp, Ghetts finessed and Meekz impressed, but it was Giggs who stole the show. I haven’t connected properly with Hollowman’s music since his 2016 album, Landlord. Since that time, we’ve witnessed him experiment with flows that have had more misses than hits, but on “In The Fire”, he steps in with the swaggy low growl that made him famous over the gospel-flecked backdrop to remind us why he is still the road rap general. His verse about the cold roads and the current state of the land will stay with you long after the album is done. 

James: Now here’s a question. Another of this album’s biggest feats (no pun intended) is the way Dave progresses from an album guided solely by his own voice (Psychodrama) into a much more collaborative piece, while still maintaining his position as the project’s commander. ShaSimone, it has to be said, deserves at least a mention (not least because her name remains curiously absent from most official sources), but if push came to shove, the best I can do is call it a tie between Giggs and Ghetts on “In The Fire”. Following a sample from Florida Mass Choir’s “Have You Been Tried In The Fire”—a motif that recurs throughout the track in place of a hook—and what is quite possibly the greatest verse of Fredo’s career, Giggs and Ghetts steam through “In The Fire” with the casual confidence of two greats at their best, bringing years of rap and grime history between them and layering their street metaphors, Biblical allusions and nods to history so tightly we’ll be unpicking them for years. 

Yemi: Either Ghetts or Giggs on “In The Fire”. G-H is on fire at the moment and the way that he raps today sounds like it comes so easy to him. He is easily the best at what he does in the UK right now. With Hollowman, you could argue he’s artistically been in cruise control of late, but he came correct here. It almost felt like 2008 Giggs came back for a quick verse, and it was refreshing to hear him go up against Meekz and Fredo too, who also delivered in their own ways.