New Music Fridays have been pretty incredible lately and the most recent, July 23, might have been the biggest of them all. For some, the main event was the release of Kanye West’s much-hyped, more-delayed LP Donda (which at the time of publication had been re-rescheduled for Aug. 6, a year after its original scheduled release). But for most of the UK, it was the release of Dave’s second studio album, We’re All Alone In This Together.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that Streatham’s finest gave Kanye cold feet and made him cancel, but we also can’t rule it out. That might seem like hyperbole, but a continuous listen all the way through We’re All Alone In This Together and then a glance at Twitter will tell you that Friday, July 23, belonged exclusively to Dave. The album was only announced at the beginning of the month and preceded by just one single, “Clash” with Stormzy, but at every step of the rollout, Dave had his fans truly transfixed. There wasn’t time for hype to reach such unbearable heights that no album could possibly live up to it—instead, as with everything Sir Santan does, the rollout was measured and professionally executed. 

After a weekend to mull it over, replay it and sift through the details, we sat down to pick apart the highlights and lowlights (scarce as they are) of the new album. Dave set out to achieve a phenomenal amount on We’re All Alone In This Together, but did he pull it off successfully?