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DaBaby responded after a married woman suggested that the Charlotte rapper hit on her after doing business with her husband.

Mrs LaTruth., an influencer whose real name is Brianna Hampton, shared a series of screenshots appearing to show a conversation between another woman and DaBaby. In the screenshots, it appears as though the rapper is asking that other person to set him up with LaTruth.

"The ultimate disrespect for me is to have someone who steps in your dm who 1) Not only knows your married , 2) was in the midst of doing business with my husband, 3) I ain’t nobody’s BIHHH and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage," LaTruth wrote on Instagram, suggesting that DaBaby spoke with the other woman to get “a woman to do his dirty work.” She added, "He ain’t the first and I’m sure he ain’t the last there’s been NBA & NFL players in my dm but they weren’t disrespectful and my husband didn’t know of them and wasn’t doing business with them."

After her post started to make the rounds online, DaBaby replied and suggested that the screenshots were doctored and that he did not attempt to connect with LaTruth.